Thibaut Désiront, aka MEKA, is a Canadian-French artist, born in France in 1981. 

MEKA depicts narratives scenes from the skateboarding and music cultures propelled in a world of colorful shapes and pictographic characters, without any concern for the illusion of depth, drawing influence from artists such as Milton Avery, Jacob Lawrence and Larry Clark. 

In 2015, he unveiled Push, his first solo show, a collection of 20+ paintings exploring the themes of inspiration, positivity and pushing one’s own limits — an organic follow-up to his famous "Keep Pushing" series.

A graphic design graduate who studied at Beaux-Arts, he began his career immersed the skateboarding and punk-rock countercultures, by drawing flyers and posters for music venues, before going on to create designs for the heavyweights of the streetwear and sportswear industries (Adidas, Nike, Converse, Stüssy…).



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(Solo) PUSH,
Montreal (2015).

Violent by Design 2, with Mike Jones, Jimbo Philips, Victor Koast...
Los Angeles (2017).

The LB Project
Los Angeles (2016).

The LB Project, with Jimbo Phillips...
New York (2015), San Francisco (2016).

Bootleg Bart, with Buff Monster, Jimbo Phillips, Greg Mike, Lamour Supreme...
Los Angeles, Paris (2015).

Violent by Design, with Shepard Fairey, Mike Giant...
Los Angeles (2015).

Screwed, with Hydro74 and Johnny Crap.
Montreal (2012).


ADIDAS SKATEBOARD Spring Summer 2019

Mural festival, Off the Hook x MEKA
Montreal (2017).

OSHEAGA festival
Montreal (2017).

Converse's Black Bones Club, with McBess, Iain Macarthur, Nikibi.
Paris (2012).

ADIDAS SKATEBOARD Spring Summer 2016

OSHEAGA festival, Live painting
Montreal (2017)

MURAL festival X Off the Hook, Live Painting
Montreal (2017)

ERISTOFF Vodka, Glass Limited edition
Paris (2018)